Making Room for Elkton

By constructing one new library in North East, Cecil County’s two largest communities will benefit from improved access to life-changing library services for generations.

When the new North East Branch Library opens, CCPL will move its administrative headquarters and operations support from the Elkton Central Library. This move will free up more than 4,000 square feet of space at the Elkton Central Library that can be converted to much-needed public space.

Better meeting, work, and quiet spaces, increased access to technology, individual study rooms, and enhanced spaces for children and teens are just some of the possibilities. With the addition of over 100 parking spaces after the construction of the new Gilpin Manor Elementary School, Elkton’s “education campus” is poised to serve the community for decades without having to relocate or build a new library.

In the near future, CCPL will undertake a similar community engagement process with Elkton residents to understand their needs and goals for library space and services as part of a renovation planning process for your Elkton Library.

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