Construction Is Underway!

Construction is underway at the site of the new North East Branch Library! As construction progresses, we’ll be using this website for updates and to share pictures.

For this update, we have several great photos that show the preparation for the foundation. These pictures were taken over a few days during the week ending September 28th. The gray material you see in the photos is the pad that will go under the building. One picture shows the building pad from above so you can see the general position of where the building will be.

The other photos in this update give a large-scale view of the building pad and the work being done. While the site may look flat, it drops off some heading towards Mauldin Avenue and you can see how material was added to construct the pad on the east side of the building.

In the next few weeks, you will start to see some activity for the foundation and all of the underground work. Check back soon for more exciting updates!

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